Moulin du Trel

The Trel mill in Vézac Périgord Noir

The Trel Mill dates from the 12th century and belonged to the Château de Beynac. It was a "BANAL" mill. This meant that the inhabitants of the seigneury of Beynac were obliged to have their grain ground and their nuts crushed at the mill. In return, the Lord of Beynac charged a percentage on the flour and oil.
When Pascal Vidal discovered this mill, he immediately had the desire and determination to bring it back to life from the ashes? So in 2016, Pascal and his son Benjamin Vidal embarked on a major renovation project, bringing the production facilities back into working order with the help of specialist companies. Everything has been rebuilt in the authentic spirit to ensure that everything runs smoothly using hydraulic power: the wheel, gears, grindstone, press and heater. The bed of the old mill, which supplied water to the wheel, has been completely rebuilt in stone.
As soon as the tool was in working order, it came "back to life"!

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